DX Sonic Garrett Gurthie 2018

  • Kr 139,00
  • Ekskl. mva: Kr 111,20



* Vekt
  • 180

  • Modell: 45935789
  • Tilgjengelighet: 18 på lager

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Even though he is famous for his crushing drives, Garrett Gurthie has shown that it takes more than pure power to navigate through a golf course. With its gradual turn and slow flying speed, the Sonic requires a deft hand to get the touch needed for accuracy, but once you have it dialed in, there's nothing else quite like it. The Sonic has a comfortable low profile grip with great thumb traction. As a putter, the Sonic has a nice straight flight and sticks well in the chains. The Sonic also makes a versatile short range approach and escape disc when thrown sidearm or backhand. For longer approaches, it has a slow predictable turn and likes to land flat for very few roll-always. This disc is very beginner friendly.

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