Lucid-X Glimmer Sheriff Paige Shue 2020

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  • Ekskl. mva: Kr 183,20



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  • 171
  • 173
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  • Modell: 50004995
  • Tilgjengelighet: 14 på lager

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Paige Shue is known for her efficient form and throwing her distance drivers on flat release, so the Lucid-X Sheriff is a perfect fit for her game. As the Lucid-X plastic adds some overstability to one of Dynamic Discs' longest drivers, we think it will be a great fit for your game as well. If you've been looking for added distance without the fear of too much turn, pick up the Lucid-X Sheriff! Purchases of the Lucid-X Sheriff directly benefit Paige’s 2020 tour.

A versatile high-speed disc is hard to find. They are usually too far on one side of the spectrum to be a true multi-tool. Introducing the Sheriff by Dynamic Discs. Long anhyzers, flex shots, pure hyzers; the Sheriff will arrive just in time to protect you from the onslaught of bogeys sure to come without the right disc. Attack the course with a new confidence knowing the Sheriff is standing with you to handle any problems that might arise.

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